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Kanban Process

What is this article about? This document gives information about the tools we use in the software development life cycle, the methods we use and the steps to explain the methods. What does this document cover? Terms and services JIRA The kanban process Terms and services: JIRA The project management software to keep track of the development. You should have access to Every project has it’s own space and issues, for example for YOUR PROJECT looks like https://your_company.

Extract Facebook Events to import in Drupal

What is this article about? This document gives an example on how to extract facebook events using a Drupal 7 module What does this document cover? Why do I need to extract facebook events? Requirements The module Why do I need to extract facebook events? I have built a website devote to Turkish Jazz. I am listing Jazz events in town, doing that manually is a lot of work.

Drupal 8.4 Core Update

Update drupal core to 8.4 It can be messy to upadte the core, which was the case for me for a few projects because of some dependencies. The main problem was the doctrine being not compatible with < PHP 7.1 Get a DB backup Copy composer.json file under the core from the latest version Edit the doctrine versions under the composer.lock file as follows: { “doctrine/annotations”: “1.


I have a lot of projects in my mind, some of them are in progress, some are finalised but needs attention and some hasn’t even started yet. That’s why I have decided to build a personal website, to keep track of my projects. Some of you know me as a Drupal guy. Well, that is partially true, I have specialised in Drupal and mostly I make money out of Drupal projects, but I am into all web technologies as long as they are innovative and serve to the purpose.

Evrim simülasyonu

matematik olarak çalıştığını şuradan görebileceğiniz teori. bu benim yazdığım basit bir av-avcı simülasyonu. nasıl çalıştığından bahsedersem evrim teorisi ile alakası da ortaya çıkacak. simülasyonda av (yuvarlak canlılar), avcı (kare canlılar) ve bitki (küçük yeşil noktalar) olmak üzere üç farklı tür var. av hayvanları bitkilerle besleniyor, avcılar da av hayvanları ile. bitkiler pasif yaratıklar, herhangi bir öz nitelikleri yok, sadece enerji veriyorlar. her canlının belirli öz nitelikleri var (attributes), örneğin renk, hız, görüş mesafesi, yağlanma oranı, güç, agresyon, savunma vs.