I have a lot of projects in my mind, some of them are in progress, some are finalised but needs attention and some hasn’t even started yet. That’s why I have decided to build a personal website, to keep track of my projects.

Some of you know me as a Drupal guy. Well, that is partially true, I have specialised in Drupal and mostly I make money out of Drupal projects, but I am into all web technologies as long as they are innovative and serve to the purpose.

Why not Drupal as a personal website but GoHugo?

For a personal site, I had a few options.

The install on Mac was as smooth as it could be via brew, creating the pages was very simple as well. You just run hugo when you are done, rsync the static files with your server and voila!

The only down side for the public use is that you need a bit of coding background to use it and publishing new posts, but I believe people will contribute GUI tools to make it easy to use. There are already some tools I found like enwrite to post via Evernote.