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A New Tasklist Method

What is this article about? I will talk about my personal method on how to make a priority list of things that you want to do. Why to make a priority list? If you have big dreams and don’t know where to start or small errands are always blocking you to take a step on the path to your projects, it’s better to organise your ideas first and prioritise them to know where to start from.

How to Backup Your Webserver Files Using Rsync

How to backup your webserver files and mysql database using I am very happy with my provider, but if you don’t have backup server for your account, you need another service to backup your files. After a little research, i found Their price is acceptable ($0.80-1.4 gb/mounth | static - global redundant) , and the service is really fine. I want to backup my dbs every night, but files; every two weeks.

A 'Hello World!' Genetic Algorithm Example in PHP

This is a hello world example genetic algorithm example written in php. You can use the same algorithm to build useful applications. The output is something like this: hello wojed - 0.81818181818182 stay still mutated unexpectedly! hello sorhd - 0.81818181818182 stay still mutated unexpectedly! hella woryd - 0.81818181818182 stay still mutated unexpectedly! hello worpe - 0.81818181818182 stay still mutated unexpectedly! hello porbd - 0.81818181818182 stay still mutated unexpectedly! hella worfd - 0.

Kanban Process

What is this article about? This document gives information about the tools we use in the software development life cycle, the methods we use and the steps to explain the methods. What does this document cover? Terms and services JIRA The kanban process Terms and services: JIRA The project management software to keep track of the development. You should have access to Every project has it’s own space and issues, for example for YOUR PROJECT looks like https://your_company.

Extract Facebook Events to import in Drupal

What is this article about? This document gives an example on how to extract facebook events using a Drupal 7 module What does this document cover? Why do I need to extract facebook events? Requirements The module Why do I need to extract facebook events? I have built a website devote to Turkish Jazz. I am listing Jazz events in town, doing that manually is a lot of work.

Promoting Your Product

What is this article about? I wanted to share my experience on how to promote something on the internet. I have used/still using some products/services and I will tell you about their performances. What does this document cover? Why to promote something? How to promote your product? Keep track, measure data Hire professionals My results Why to promote something? Well, otherwise noone will know about your creation. I believe that if you are living in a society, you have a duty to fullfill your destiny, do your job and inform others about your creation.

Stock Photography

What is this article about? This article’s goal is to give information about selling photos on stock photography sites for the beginners by sharing my personal experience. What does this document cover? How did I start? Things I have learnt How much did I earn? Which site does what? How does the process work? Things you need to know before posting How did I start? The idea of having an off income is tempting, cause we are constantly paying for other services.

Drupal 8.4 Core Update

Update drupal core to 8.4 It can be messy to upadte the core, which was the case for me for a few projects because of some dependencies. The main problem was the doctrine being not compatible with < PHP 7.1 Get a DB backup Copy composer.json file under the core from the latest version Edit the doctrine versions under the composer.lock file as follows: { “doctrine/annotations”: “1.2.7", “doctrine/cache”: “v1.

Company things

Piyote I founded my web company Piyote in 2011. From time to time, I employed developers but mostly I worked as a contractor with the North American Companies. Last year, I have built a team for a second time for the build and support projects we have. This time I made sure the team is efficient, working autonomously after we sign off with our clients. I am very proud to tell that the Piyote Team have started to build in-house Saas projects as well and we are expecting to launch the first product in the summer of 2018.


I have a lot of projects in my mind, some of them are in progress, some are finalised but needs attention and some hasn’t even started yet. That’s why I have decided to build a personal website, to keep track of my projects. Some of you know me as a Drupal guy. Well, that is partially true, I have specialised in Drupal and mostly I make money out of Drupal projects, but I am into all web technologies as long as they are innovative and serve to the purpose.