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This document gives information about the tools we use in the software development life cycle, the methods we use and the steps to explain the methods.

What does this document cover?

Terms and services:


The project management software to keep track of the development. You should have access to https://your_company.atlassian.net/

Every project has it’s own space and issues, for example for YOUR PROJECT looks like https://your_company.atlassian.net/projects/YP/issues

You can see the issues listed on the left sidebar. Every issue has a type, you can tell by the small icon next to each item. Since we are using agile development, the types are regarding to agile development terms. These terms are:

In support, we generally don’t have the budget to invest time in analysis tickets, especially for small tasks. In regard to epics, epic size is discretionary - we tend to use them as huge buckets like “YOUR PROJECT Support”, but epics generally correspond to a complete feature and hold all the stories describing the atomic units of work. We could consider putting more thought into our epic usage for support if anyone doesn’t like the “X Support” approach.

Things to keep in mind about the kanban process:

The kanban process:

If there is custom code, {D} needs to use code sniffer. You can find more information about how to install phpcs here and how to use it here

	git checkout dev
	git merge DEMO-3-install-super-duper-module
	git push origin dev