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The process has been signaled with signal '6'

What is this article about? I had an annoying problem with composer on macosx while trying to install some packages, the error being thrown was not informative at all [Symfony\Component\Process\Exception\RuntimeException] The process has been signaled with signal '6' Solution First, run the composer command verbose with composer -vvv Then you will see where it fails. In my case, it was failing right after: Executing command (/Users/bekir/.composer): svn info --xml So I tried svn info --xml alone to see what is really happening.

Drupal 8.4 Core Update

Update drupal core to 8.4 It can be messy to upadte the core, which was the case for me for a few projects because of some dependencies. The main problem was the doctrine being not compatible with < PHP 7.1 Get a DB backup Copy composer.json file under the core from the latest version Edit the doctrine versions under the composer.lock file as follows: { “doctrine/annotations”: “1.2.7", “doctrine/cache”: “v1.