I founded my web company Piyote in 2011. From time to time, I employed developers but mostly I worked as a contractor with the North American Companies. Last year, I have built a team for a second time for the build and support projects we have. This time I made sure the team is efficient, working autonomously after we sign off with our clients.

I am very proud to tell that the Piyote Team have started to build in-house Saas projects as well and we are expecting to launch the first product in the summer of 2018.

Also, Piyote partners with other companies, managing them while they work on the build projects. This is a big step for the company and we have proved our skills as a management team. All looks pretty good so far!

Good Food Industries

GFI has a completely different area than the software development, it has specialised on the food market. My partner Erkan Mankan and I have started the company nearly two years ago after we saw the opportunity to develop new products, innovate the existing methods. Erkan’s know how and the understanding of European and Middle East markets is a big win for GFI. This year, GFI has started to take action on the projects that we have been planning for the last year.

E Residency and Building a business in Estonia

Estonia has changed it’s face in the last ten years and became a true digital country. They help a lot to the software development community, make it easy to build and lunch new products, lunch new businesses and reduce the bureaucracy nearly to zero. I just got my E Residency and start a new company in Estonia as soon as possible.